About the Author

Kels Dayton is an up-and-coming sports writer, editor, and television and radio host.

He is currently a graduate student at Quinnipiac University.

Dayton has previously worked for, The Thomaston Express, and Cable-5 in Torrington, Conn.

“He is a fine young man,” said his mother, Michelle, of Thomaston, Conn.

“What a great son,” said his father, Bill, also of Thomaston, Conn.

Kels Dayton might be "the greatest human ever spawned."

Dayton is known for his incredible writing and editing skills, and his other-wordly knowledge of sports, especially college basketball.

He also hosted an award-winning cable show on Local Access Channel 5, which broadcasts in tropical Litchfield County.

The program, entitled, “The End Game Show”, was reaall good. It won various Emmys and stuff like that.

I think it even won a Grammy.

“I thought it sucked,” said Grandma Dayton.

Justin Grenier, one of Dayton’s few friends, believed that the show was “off the hizzle, my nizzle.”

Asked to elaborate, he added, “Fo shizzle.”

Grenier believed the reason the show was so “off the chain” was because Dayton had a “dope” knowledge of sports.

“Yea yo, [Dayton] knows so much about sports, he could tell you who won the NCAA  championship in 19-(expletive deleted)-52,” he said.

Photo courtesy:

Grandmas don't like Dayton.


(Ed’s note: -(expletive deleted) Kansas in basketball, Michigan State in football, yo.)

But not everyone thinks Dayton is the greatest human ever spawned.

“Dayton is an idiot,” said Grandma Abbott.

(Ed’s note: Apparently Dayton is not popular with grandmas.)

Despite comments like that from grandmothers, Dayton has persevered to become one of America’s great young minds. milk eggs cheese butterJust click on The Vault to read some of Dayton’s best material.

And then be sure to watch Kels TV to check out some of his videographification skills.

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