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NBA Draft Profile: Josh Selby

Josh Selby


6-2, 183 lbs.

College: Kansas

Class: Freshman

STRENGTHS: Selby was an instant hit in Lawrence when he burst onto the scene with a 21-point, 5 three-pointer performance that pushed the Jayhawks past USC in his collegiate debut. Unfortunately for Selby, the Jayhawks still had 20-plus games remaining on their schedule. The 6-2 freshman had a rocky year at Kansas, marred by injuries and inconsistent play, and ended up scoring just 2 points in 15 minutes as the Jayhawks bowed out to 11th-seeded VCU in the Elite 8. Still, NBA scouts won’t forget Selby’s silky shooting touch, quickness, and upper body strength, all traits he showed as a high schooler before committing to Kansas.

WEAKNESSES: Whether it was due to injury or just trying to figure out the college game, Selby really struggled after his impressive debut in Lawrence. He hasn’t proven that he can run an offense, which is troubling because he will likely have to be the primary ballhandler in the NBA. He also seemed to disappear in big games, as he scored just 17 points in four games in the NCAA Tournament. Selby’s stock certainly isn’t as high as it was coming into last year, and he probably should have stayed another year at Kansas to address some of the issues he has raised in his game. Still, Selby should be a first-round pick in this depleted draft because he has the potential to become a solid NBA player.

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