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NBA Draft Profile: Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside


7-0, 215 lbs.

College: Marshall

Class: Freshman

Mark Webb/ Huntington Herald-Dispatch


STRENGTHS: Whiteside is extremely athletic, has a giant wingspan and tremendous potential as a post player and scorer in the NBA. He is a solid offensive player, and unlike many other young centers, can shoot and score in the low post. His offensive skill is rare among young, athletic centers of his size.

WEAKNESSES: Whiteside is very raw, young, and needs to be more aggressive offensively. Like other big men prospects, he has tremendous upside as a post player, but needs much more time before he develops into a good NBA player. Unfortunately, he probably won’t get that time, as 1st-round NBA money should be coming his way if he chooses to enter the 2010 NBA Draft.

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